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- the Black Beasts ( or the 4 maniacs ^^;)

Warning: spoilers!

Why I like Schwarz ?

Maybe because they are brilliant and smart and mysterious. I wouldn't say they are evil but if you say Weiss is the "good" guys then I guess Schwarz is classified the "bad" guys. It's not often to see different races of people working so nicely together. I guess that attracts me too. 

They are not after wealth or power, but merely the process of what they are doing. I guess they don't really care what will be the results afterwards. But that doesn't mean they are reckless. I remember in the last episode Brad said they want their future. They want to create their own future and not under other's ( namely SZ ) orders. They seek the demolition of systems and orders. Some called that chaos but some called it freedom. 

Schwarz is a very interesting combination of people, from a 27 year old man to a 15 year old kid. I guess it doesn't matter if they all have the same goal to achieve. 

Schwarz consists of 4 members : 

Brad Crawford, 27-year-old American "workaholic", the leader of Schwarz. He is the person who receives mission orders from SZ and pass it onto his men. He is skilled at using his fists and his gun ( usually not used when fighting, only use to shoot distant targets or someone he doesn't want to fight with, namely the agents of Manx ). He is a man capable of foreseeing a little bit of the future, but he said that is enough. "Although I can only see a little bit, it is enough." A cream-coloured suit is his symbol and seems to like to be tidy and clean.

Schuldich, 22-year-old German "punk", the second eldest in Schwarz and the one that usually gets on Brad's nerves. Schuldich isn't really a punster, in fact he is like an overgrown kid who likes to play around ( especially with other people's mind ). He could hear other people's mind or according to what he said, other people's mind keep rushing into his head and he sometimes cannot tell which one is his and which ones are from others. "Not every time is lucky... not all thoughts are sweet." Apart from this, he is quick in movements and is capable of jumping from rooftops to rooftops...^^;

Fafarello, 19-year-old Irish "devil", the scared one and most "holy" one. He is a  person who do not feel physical pain but seems to be full of pain mentally. It is still a mystery whether he really cannot feel physical pain or he just hides them real good. Anyway, he ( out of some reason ) killed his brothers and sisters when he was still a child, and later he killed his "mother" too. He couldn't believe he killed them or to say it this way, he didn't realize he killed them and the memory was suppressed way down inside. He blames God for the sufferings and pain. "If there is a God, then why do the innocent have to suffer?" He likes to carry his daggers around and sometimes enjoy a bit of licking on the blade.

Nagi Noae, 15-year-old Japanese "fledgling", the youngest and most innocent of them all. He possesses  supernatural power and can actually do whatever he wishes .e.g. messing around with computers and networks, blowing buildings apart, switching lights off without moving to the switch or using the remote control and even to bring the dead back to life. On the matter of bringing back the dead, he didn't think he could do it when his "sweetheart" Tot of the Schereints asked him to bring back Noi, however, when Tot was killed by Fafarello, he lost control of his power by his sadness and blew up the building they were in and much later, it was shown that Tot was still alive after all that had happened. Nagi had lost his family when he was still very very young and was bullied by other kids. Somehow he joined Schwarz for revenge but got a bit moved when he saw Tot. " ...But just that child I don't want her to die.."

Schwarz was originally sent by a secret organization called "SZ" to protect and keep an eye on one of it's political agent Reji Takatori. However, after winning the election, Reji scolded Schwarz for spying on him and dismissed them off ! It was when Wei? had defeated half of his private army and he realized that his life is in danger, then he turned back to Schwarz for help. Of course Schwarz refused to help and so Reji died under Aya's katana. After Reji Takatori's death, Schwarz continued to carry out mission sent by SZ until when SZ wanted to carry out a secret ceremony ( using Aya's sister as sacrifice ) Schwarz betrayed them. They took Aya's sister away ( left the 3 superior leaders of SZ with a fake , i.e. Sakura ... ) and killed one of the 3 superior leaders. They refused to carry on because they want to create their own future. Crawford said SZ had only seen the "past" but Schwarz wants "future". The final episode of the series ended with Schwarz disappeared under the sea along with Weiss. 

Warning: the usual crap... characters do not belong to me, copyrights to Kyoko Tsuchiya.
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